Please follow these simple guidelines to ensure your perfect Dream Tan!

Before your Airbrush: The morning of your appointment please:

- Shower
- Shave using only soap and water (many of the oils in shaving cream will remain on your skin and not allow the tanning solution to absorb)
- Exfoliate your entire body to remove any dry skin
- Although many salons tell you that moisturizing before a spray tan is bad I highly recommend using a small amount of light, oil-free and fragrance-free moisturizer. Please avoid all Aveeno products and body butters as they will counteract with the solution. If you have questions about which moisturizer to use please feel free to contact us!
- Please make sure to remove all deodorant and make-up prior to your appointment

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  • Boston's BEST mobile spray tan!
  • Get a natural airbrush tan in the comfort of your own home!

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  City Boston, MA
  Zip Code 02116
  Address Mobile - We come to you!
  Phone Number (617) 396-7676

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During and After your Airbrush

During and After your Airbrush

During your Airbrush:

- A tent will be set up in your desired room. This tent helps capture any excess spray so it does not enter your home. Even though all spraying will be done within the tent there is a slight possibility that some overspray may exit the tent and enter the room. Please keep this in mind when choosing where in your home you would like this to be performed. Dream Tan Boston is not responsible for any damage to property or belongings, including furniture. (We just have to say that but we have not experienced any problems with excessive amounts of spray exiting into the room!)
- You are welcome to wear any undergarments you are comfortable in (or none at all) . Please keep in mind that anything you choose to wear will leave a significant tan line and the solution may stain your undergarments. The majority of women choose to tan topless.
- The whole airbrushing process will take approximately 5-7 minutes. During this time it is recommended that you keep your eyes shut to avoid any possible irritation.

After your Airbrush:

- You now have a beautiful tan! You're looking good and feeling gorgeous. DO NOT shower or get wet in any way (sweating, manicure, pedicure etc) for a minimum of 6-8 hours! It is fine to sleep on your tan and shower in the morning (just keep in mind the cosmetic bronzer will come off on your sheets) .
- Please wear dark, loose clothing after your airbrush session. Note that some of the solution will get on your clothing and may stain.
- During your first shower you will see that cosmetic bronzer wash away and your tan will remain underneath.
- Moisturize Moisturize moisturize! To extend the life of your tan make sure to moisturize at least once a day!
- Avoid chlorine and salt water. These may strip your tan!
- Your tan will last about 7-10 days and will gradually fade until you are ready for your next appointment!