The Oh! My Nappy Hair Salons of California are full-service salons specializing in the styling, care and support of Nappy Hair. Our stylists, proudly referred to as Nap Specialists, are well versed in both natural and chemically treated hair care solutions.

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  City Atlanta, GA
  Zip Code 30303
  Address 237 Mitchell Street Southwest
  Phone Number (404) 221-8900

From Our Website

Oh! My nappy hair the salon became the brainchild of founder Rosario Schuler after she discovered a niche in providing natural (non-chemical) hair care services. Rosario explained that black hair varies from extremely curly to straight textures, but she discovered there was no one accommodating these circumstances under the same roof. Thus, Oh! my nappy hair salon was born! Rosario Schuler, a wife and mother of three, has paid many dues. Before founding OMNH, Rosario studied stage directing at UC Berkeley and received a BA degree in TV broadcasting from Cal State Long Beach.

Nappy Extensions is a way to let our customers know what's going on in the salon, and around the community and with us, or with you. We will post weekly events and different things that you, our customers, would like others to know about. Oh! My Nappy Hair Salons are happy to announce a new social connection within the Oh! My Nappy Hair house. This new connection will be called Bridging the Naps. The salons in Oakland, California, and Atlanta, Georgia all will be participating. Bridging the Naps came about because I feel that we as humans have forgotten how to embrace each other as we rush through life.

In some instances yes. However, it is not recommended. An alternative suggestion is to cut them to a more manageable length or grow out new growthto a desired length and then, cut locs out. Three to six months to establish enough new growth for most of the natural hairstyles. However, there are styles we can do with your hair, while growing out & gradually cutting off the relaxer.