All tanning products provided at Tropi Tan Tanning Salons are specifically designed for indoor tanners and contain ingredients that stimulate melanin production in your skin and amplify UV light, as well as skin conditioners that aid restore lost nutrients and keep your skin moisturized during your session. You will tan faster and darker if you do. Your tan will last longer and look healthier.

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  City Garden City, MI
  Zip Code 48135
  Address 2061 Middlebelt Road
  Phone Number (734) 458-9588

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SOCIAL DISTANCING - Please maintain 6 feet of separation from others while inside the building. Floor stickers have been placed to aid in your distancing. FACE MASKS - Please make sure that you have a face mask on when entering the building - We will be wearing one too! MEMBERSHIPS & PACKAGES - All memberships & packages purchased before our March 18th closure have been extended. Airbrush is not currently available. SunClub EFTs will not be processed until July 15th. SPECIAL HOURS - We are setting aside Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8am-9am for senior and immunocompromised tanners.

It is recognized that sunburn and long-term UV-overexposure can cause premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. However, there is no proof that moderate tanning is harmful. Light plays a crucial role in the regulation of over 100 bodily functions. The pineal gland, the body's "third eye, " coordinates most of our life-sustaining functions based on the light information it receives. Located deep in the center of the brain, the pineal gland receives light energy exclusively through the eyes. Sunlight keeps the body's systems in balance, everything from the immune system to fertility.