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It's a bit costly, but it is a salon, and you certainly get what you pay for - great customer service and great quality hair care. I especially like Alicia, my stylist. She (and most other stylists) offer free bang trims as well. The salon is always clean.

Much can be said about the i'll leave that to others.i'm a fan of their sunday brunches. OMG what a treat. it was worth every penny i spent.

This is a new place that just opened up recently. I just had my hair colored and cut there- VERY chic! They were able to get me in for an appointment right.

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is like a candy store for beauty hounds. Located in the lower level of Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, you can actually smell.

I really like the fact that this is a straight piercing joint. They don't try to mix tattoo's in like so many other places. The people that work there are.

I love what Marriott does.camelback was great. Bed was comfy, room was huge, amenities are great. Did not do the entire spa thing, so cannot comment on.

This place is like the happiest place on earth for me and Sandee.I luv coming here. So does Oprah so it has to be good, right?Even the smallest casita is.

New to town and still looking like the cat dragged me in from my 5 hr drive over from SD, I decided to Yelp Salons and I came upon this local charm. Mood.

We've been visiting this resort since the very day it opened. Even when we lived w/n walking distance we would stay! Now we are 25 mins away, and still.

I went to Divinity this past Saturday to get my first tattoo and I was so pleased with my experience. The shop was really nice and clean and everyone that.

Sometimes I think I started dating my bf b/c he has an amazing mustache destined to be groomed at Dapper!I first saw this shop while walking around Tucson.

I used to have what I like to call, fish hook eyebrows. I didn't even realize how bad they were until a trip to LA and the famous Anastasia's. I never.

5 stars. Halo get's 5 stars from me, and a happy five at that. Not only for my experience getting my brow pierced, but for the way my girlfriend was treated.

Great place to get a bikini and leg wax, just ask for Alyssa! When I moved here I tried out several different places for waxing and Salon de Nouveau is by.

Since I've moved to Phoenix I have been getting my hair cut by Erica. She does a great job with a simple cut that looks polished and excellent highlights.

This is my favorite hotel of all time, so far, at least of the Kimpton ilk. I experienced nearly impeccable service and a super comfy bed, organic and local.

I wanted to get an Arizona half sleeve to cover up a crappy tattoo that I had gotten done while 15 so I went to some cheapo in Chandler. bad move. So, I.

I am obligated to give one last shout out to Megan. I'm moving out of state soon, as in tomorrow, and I wish I could kidnap her and bring her with me. I.

Yeah! I'm going back up to the Omni this weekend. My man holds a golf tournament every year there and gets a great rate on several rooms. They get 5.

I've lived in New York and LA.both major cities with lots of good hairstylists. This is by far the best hair cut I've ever had. I actually took pictures.

Erin Watson ROCKS! She is such a wonderful stylist. She has amazing hip yet not wild suggestions and her highlighting is the most natural and flattering.

When in town I always stop off here for a cut. Solid, very professional. And to top it all off they shave your neck with a blade at the end of the cut with.

First, let's be clear. I'm no gym rat. I have a series of unsubstantiated fears that range from dropping a weight on my forehead to flying off the treadmill.

I've been going to The Spot for a little over a year now. I have short hair that I keep colored and highlighted. Originally I would go to Christie, who.

I've been going to John Alexander for a long, long time. He's been in a few locations, including his own, JAG salon. What can i say - John Alexander rocks.

OMG!This dude Dan who runs their salon, cuts hair, does makeupHE DID STEVIE NICKS' MAKEUP AND HAIR FOR YEARS!AGHHHH!I love love love love.

Ms. Ajia Simone Tucson's Black Cat (Owner) workin it out for those in need! Fantastic skills, great gossip, and service prices that won't destroy your.

Finally, thanks to the reviews on yelp, I've found a mani/pedi place that I like, reasonable prices, clean, prompt and good. I've had Tran twice now and.

Of every Mac location Ive ever been to (a lot) this is hands down the ABSOLUTE BEST! If you haven't tried Mac before, now its time to. The girls who work.

Z Salon & Boutique is owned by two sisters, Isabel & Maritza. Their salon has a great atmosphere! I've been going to Isabel for three years to get my hair.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a lazyass when it comes to my hair. I am that girl who doesn't set out to grow out her hair to donate to Locks of Love,.

Get married here!i did and the attention to detail of the place itself and those that work on the premises is just phenomenal. the grounds are intimate.

I've been coming to Toni&Guy at the Foothills Mall for years and I am never disappointed.Coming from Tucson and having lived in bigger, more cosmopolitan.

The tattoo artists here do an excellent job! The ink is high quality and the staff members all have experience. They make you feel as comfortable as.

All salons and stylists have different personalities and vibes.Jayme and Sagasta suit me perfectly. The interior of the place is very chill and retro.

Friend Elena and I had been planning to come here for months to make our own perfume. We sat down at the bar, before tidy rows of petite bottles. Elena knew.

Veggie Girl cuts her own hair. Yep, she does. Couple glasses of wine for courage (or to get her to the Who cares, it's only hair level faster;) and a.

John is one of the LMTs in town that I consider to be my main competition. He does NMT work and has very very strong hands. I trust him with my body and I.

I've gone to three or four different masseuses here and had a great deep-tissue massage each time. Scheduling is easy and TTT is open evenings and weekends.

Ever since discovering Chrome when it was on 4th Ave I've been in hair heaven. For almost 8 years I've been faithfully going to Forrest to cut my naturally.

(this place is really on speedway and country club-jones must be the name of the little alleyway behind it)marygrace gets me up before 8 on sundays for.

After changing into my long cozy robe and non-skid slippers, I entered the waiting area from the men's locker room. Here hot or cold hydrating and.

I've been going to the Tucson Mall location for a couple of years now. Before Toni and Guy, I have been everywhere in Tucson from cheap places (Costcutters).

I have been seeing Corrine for YEARS (15, I think). She has helped me through so much and I feel a significant change after one appointment (as opposed to.