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I really was opposed to getting a pedicure because I HATE people touching my feet, but this place has made me a pedi addict. My first pedi wasn't here but.

Great place for both men, women, and kids. XM radio piped in for the house music. Clean and generally a good vibe place.

Wonderful shop. A man feels comfortable and all of the staff are friendly and helpful. Never had a bad experience.

I LOVE THIS PLACE! Charlotte knows how to cut my hair. Better yet, she loves wine, she loves good food, and she doesn't like macon :). She's from.

Jackie cuts both my sons' hair and my hair. My three year old is a perfect angel for her - and its the only time he is a perfect angel. Jackie gives the best haircuts in town - and a lot of folks know it, so make your appointment.

One of the things I have noticed here in GA is that what they call tanning salons OVER CHARGE big time! I am from Texas and there we have many wonderful tanning salons. One of them which is my favorite is called Darque Tan. Darque Tan has 5 levels of tanning. They offer a

Amazing, this place cut my hair better than most salons in Atlanta. And I have a rather difficult haircut. (Really short) I love the people, they actually listened to me and were very informative to talk to as well. Not to mention, the salon looks amazing too.

Dont know what I would do with out Kim my husband refuses to go anywhere but Oasis and I could not fathom going anywhere else

What a great salon! Carmen and the rest of the ladies are awesome! Always smiling and making everyone feel comfortable and right at home! Very skilled and knowledgeable ladies! Definite must for anyone who wants a permanent salon and stylist!

I was looking for a new place after moving to Atlanta, and a friend recommended Grow. I checked the reviews and they were good, so I went ahead and made an.

I go to shabangs all the time. the atmosphere is perfect. you definetly get what you pay for at shabangs. i have been there over 50 times and have only had one bad experience with a hair cut. the stylists really do know how to do color and usually if not always know what you want. i would recommend

This is a great place to get your hair done! Everyone on staff is very friendly, but more importantly they are professional and very good at what they do.

Jaime & Audrey have the best salon in town. I will recommend them to all my friends and family. The salon itself is in a great location and is very beautiful inside.

Bedie is a true southern belle. She has a heart of gold and is worth every penny she charges!You will likely hear everything about everyone, but that is.

Thanks Shelly and Anita for doing such a great job.Good atmosphere and quick service.Value versus price is A+.

I have been going to french connections for about three years now. They are the best so far and love seeing them becuase they are awefully nice and always do a great job

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I actually plan trips to Savannah around getting my highlights touched up at Marigold. I have really thick hair and I.

The BEST hair salon in Hinesville. I went in with orange, dead ended straw- and came out with beautiful dark brown locks :). Kim is amazing, friendly, and actually consults rather than just letting you pick a hair color that might not suit your skin tone. LOVE LOVE LOVE it and this salon and

One of the toughest aspects of moving to a new city is having to find the right service providers for everything all over again, but it is especially gut.

While I've never been to the Anonymous parlor itself, I have had work done by one of the artists in residence - Kim Reed. Five years after she worked on my.

For the price, Edge Fitness can't be beat. To get the best price, though, you have to sign up for a year or more. And they're really pushing their APEX.

Oh Midtown Nail! You spoil me so! I am so glad customer service is alive and well. The only thinking I need to do upon walking in the door is to pick my.

Beautiful. Really, it's absolutely wonderful and relaxing. Great massage, and the BEST (I'm not kidding here) the absolute best pedicure in town. This,.

Cool place, I just wish they had more locations, like one in Atlanta. They usually do an excellent job of waxing, I've had a few areas waxed, but the last.

Besides my salon, this is the only other place I buy my hair product! They have a great selection of both Bumble and Bumble and Aveda products! If you are.

Am I supposed to feel worse after a massage?I should back up a bit. I am an extremely tense person. I tend to stress out about, hmmm, everything, and that.

The people working here were really helpful and answered all my questions. I also liked that they didn't try to pressure me into staying in the tanning bed.

I've had several procedures done at the Piercing Experience, and I recommend it above all else in the city for your piercing pleasure.The staff are always.

Did a great job with Solar nails and pedicure, but always want to do more and then charge for it, of course. I went there a couple of times and came out.

I love this place.I personaly know the hairstylist.Mines is Sheree.the owner is such a sweetie also her name is the prices are.

I love this Van Michael salon, and my stylist is the best! Tami Le is creative and high-energy and just so sweet. I love to try new things with my hair -.

Ok chica's! Now, I know we like to look good.then about looking GREEEATT!.I was in the process of researching hair salon's in ATL because I.

A well established tattooing palor in Savannah with great, friendly artists. For the first time tattoo-er they are patient and kind (and hardly ever laugh.

Thank you, Lauren S. for recommending Godiva Hair Salon! I went to see Katie and she was amazing. I was ready to cut my long hair into an inverted bob and.

Where has Color Boxx been my whole life? Nicki gave me the best haircut I've had in Savannah, hands down. I wish I had found her ages ago!For some reason.

This has been and continues to be a great experience for me and my daughter. The owner Jovanna is so gracious and accommodating to all the clients. There.

My facial was long over due. the last GOOD one i had was over a year ago and over a hundred bucks. this one cost 90 dollars and it was what my skin needed.

Lux Studio is the anti-thesis of the salon scene. You know the one; everyone all dressed in black while elevator techno blares in all its Dolby 8 speaker.

B Street was my saviour during my college years (and if I didn't live across the country, would still be to this day). Attempting to avoid the bathroom.

I have been going to Dale for 2 years and I am completely LOYAL to her, even though I only go a few times a year. Spa Sydell and DAS have NOTHING on Dale!.

I'm a hair artist in California, and have studied with Jay Marshlick. Yes, we hairdressers have to keep up our edge and spend time and money on our.

I hate moving to a new city and finding everything all over, ob/gyn, hair colorist. But after a ton of research (I was advised to go to Van.

Nice people, great haircut and the best head massage. The atmosphere is totally relaxing. I got an awesome head massage while getting my hair washed.

I don't even know where to begin with memorial tattoo. it really is for family and friends, and when you are a friend, you feel like family! these guys are.

I got inked here. Tattooing was illegal in South Carolina before 2004, so back in 2002, we had to drive across the border to beautiful, scenic Savannah,.

If you are looking for a great place to bring your young children and have a great haircut well this is the place. Our son is one years old and Tom with his family did a great job cutting his hair and mine.

My friend- who was in dire need of a hair FIX and new cut in general- asked me where i got my hair did- and i gladly let her know about the goddess that is.

I'm a big fan of Ulta. I really like the fact that they are like half Sephora/half Rite Aid, like Rebecca K mentioned (even though she's not a fan of that.

Total Wellness is a Savannah Massage Mecca for people seriously interested in the physical and mental health benefits of spa treatments. This is a local.

Just moved to Atlanta and came across Mint Salon. I got my eyebrows waxed and my hair cut. Both look amazing. Dusty was my stylist. He is very friendly and.