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Escape has one of the best stylists - RodinI've followed Rodin around Boston for over 10yrs and its been worth it!Rodin is an artist when it comes to.

This salon gets the Readers Choice Best of Worcester award every year. Seriously, for something like 11 years running. Paul himself cuts my hair and has.

Hairbraiding.tattooing.AND airbrushing? All under one roof? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?That's the perfect trifecta of awesome.

I had the best haircut at this salon! A good friend of mine recommended Francelli, she takes her time and does an excellent job. I was unsure about the.

I just got finished with my largest tattoo. took 2 sittings spread 4 weeks apart to outline and shade in (black only) the tree on my ribs.Mike (artist).

I have been seeing Vivianna for a year now for waxing and she is phenomenal. I had been in and out of salons all over downtown Boston when I tried.

I've edited my review a few times, but here are the condensed bits.1) This spa will give you the least painful brazillian/bikini wax possible.2) You.

OH. MY. GOD!Michelle gave me the best haircut I have had in years. I have a bit of a haircut phobia and i never get my hair cut for that reason.

I just found Sondaya this week. I set up an appointment to have my eyebrows threaded. The place was pretty easy to find. I walked in and she asked me.

This is the best place to get a manicure or pedicure. The prices are a bit higher, but the manicurist doesn't use drills.everything is done by hand.

Just went to Michael's today based on the reviews I found on yelp. Had a great experience. My haircut was 30 bucks! I couldn't believe it. Best priced.

This is a nice little hidden gem. From the outside, you'd think it was some hole-in-the-wall salon. Inside, though, no way!This is definitely a spa. Two.

This place is by far my best tanning experience ever. I am so painfully pale. I stopped tanning a couple of years ago, but decided to pick it back up for.

I went here for seven years but sadly my stylist recently left and so I quit going. This place is so great, it's trendy without being uncomfortable. If you.

Can't say I've been here myself, I've only been in to buy gift cards.But it's a place that EVERY OCCASION my mother asks for a gift card here. And that's.

Well hellloo. Just look at my hair if you want to know why you should trek it to Attleboro for a highlight and pampering. This cute salon is located in.

I was thrilled with my haircut and curly hair lesson at this salon and cut/lesson by john! curly girls, you must go!

Ok so I actually found out about May's Nails right here on Yelp. I have to admit I wasn't sure if I should leave another sparkling review because it already.

Very nice spa for Western Mass. The massages by Jen are phenomenal and my hairdresser is fabulous too. I think the nail techs are great, but the prices.

Today I had my first visit to the SPA.Perfect legs waxing with Marcia and I liked Debbie's manicure and pedicure. she takes time to massage you. Very friendly atmosphere, I will be back soon!

If I needed a haircut in the Pioneer Valley I would hit Bucci. Kicking tunes, stylists who know their stuff and its cheaper than Super Cuts. one fo the.

I thought I'd review Bath & Body Works, simply because I LOVE it. And, I work there, so obvy it has to be entirely amazing simply because customers get to.

This place is magnificent! Although it is in Randolph, I would go out of my way to come back here again and again.This place is a full on Salon & Day Spa.

Fantastic place with great prices! It doesn't hurt that Annie and Steve are the nicest nail salon owners that I've ever met. Try a pedicure, you won't be sorry.

Wow - I can't believe I'm the first to review this great salon! While amongst my Valley friends Salon Herdis seems to have a rather chi chi reputation, as.

I got my wife a gift certificate for here for Christmas back in 2005, and she raved about it. She used the gift certificate, and then some more of her own.

Ace Beauty supply (CosmoProf) is a great place for the Professional! They have everything you need from Hair & nails to Skin care and Makeup for.

California Nails is clean and quick. They do an amazing job on absolutely everything. It is a friendly environment and reasonably priced. They stay true.

I used to come here when I was straight.And by straight, I mean in the closet, driven by my mother, wearing Umbro shorts and a BUM Equipment.

I never got any tattoo work done here, but the portfolio's of the artists here has always been impressive. The shop is professional and clean. Employees.

I have had great service at this salon. I see the nail tech Jen and have had wonderful experiences with her. I have never had my hair done though.

JMG is owned by Jennifer who's been cutting my hair for years off and on. I've never gotten a bad cut with her and she's been good at suggesting style.

The beginning and end of Boston tattoo shops.I have followed Justin from shop to shop as he has looked for a home that correctly fosters his art. He found.

There is no way I can go without giving this place 5 stars because I think even Jesus above was wincing at the effort put into getting out those knots. It.

I LOVE Moodz. I have had virtually every treatment that they offer in one form or another (it is about a mile from my house). Their manis and pedis.

My son loves to get his hair cut here. They do a great job, especially since he likes it longer now. There's usually a good group of people waiting and.

I found Failte Salon when I was new to the area and in desperate need of a massage. Tricia Doane is the massage therapist and angel of Failte Salon! She is.

Okay, so the name is kinda lame, but I was pleased by the services I received here. I booked a facial and a massage because I saw an ad online for.

I will give this place 4 stars, because it got the job done. I wanted to start my tan, so when my husband and I went on our honeymoon in the Dominican.

Green Tangerine in Burlington is a clean, modern location. I recently visited for a weeknight just after work appointment and got stuck in the traffic on 95.

I first went to Leon & Co. at the recommendation of a coworker when I needed an emergency hair repair after a cut from hell downtown. I've been to Colleen.

I've been going to Cecilia at Salon Estetica for about a year now. I'm so happy I found her. I can just tell her do whatever you think will look best and.

I won a getaway package at a fundraising auction I attended, which included a facial, mani and pedi, and hair wash and style. So I spent about 4 hours.

My usual hairdresser is a good friend of mine, but unfortunately the(pricey) salon she works at isn't close by. One day while having a freak-out over my.

Great place for a kid to get hair cut. My daughter loved the setup, The place is so colorful that the first 10 minutes she was just looking around. They.

If you are looking for a little bit of paradise, you'll find it down a winding country road amidst fields and little farmhouses. At first glance you'd.

This business has moved to a new office just up the street from the old one to 10 E. Chestnut Street.I've been to Cheryl 3 times for therapeutic massage.

So it doesn't have a flashy name but like the name it is straight forward and it works. I went here for laser hair removal on my under arms and bikini.

I can't speak to their spa capabilities, but the hair stylists there are wonderful. They do really nice work, and I am quite picky when it comes to my hair.

I love it here.I go here for everything now.haircuts, facials, massages, etc. The atmosphere is so relaxing and soothing, it makes you not want to.