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My best friend and I went for a girls day before my wedding. It was lovely, we had a steam shower, massage, mani/pedi and facial. The facial was sort of.

Let me tell you St. Louisians about the BEST eyebrow tweezing I've EVER HAD! I have naturally unruly brows and unlike most spas I've been to where they.

Admittedly, I've never set foot in this place, but while doing a little web research on spas in Springfield, its clever name caught my eye. After checking.

I love (most of) the staff here. It's an Aveda Concept Salon that's still somewhat affordable (if you're an Aveda fan, you'll appreciate this). Salon is.

The Sun Palace has a wide range of tanning beds and the staff really knows how to evaluate your skin so you can get the most out of your tanning dollar. They carry a large selection of lotions and don't push the expensive ones on you. Prices are affordable and they always have some kind of

1069 Salon & Spa is a great liitle place located right in the heart of St. Charles. It has a great atmosphere and incredible talent. They do hair, make-up,.

I found this salon quite by accident.best mistake I've ever made! Dianna did an amazing job of making me smile again! She is the best, and I will be going back as long as they are there!

Jerrys is a great place to get a great cut

I'm writing this review specifically about massage, although this place offers much more. My masseuse is THE BEST in the city. Her name is Cindy (I don't.

I had the duty of going with a friend to get a piercing that was a dream of theirs on the way i discovered a cool group of people who made me relax when i.

Haircuts for men (and massage, tanning, brow waxing, shoe shines, etc.) GREAT Service. Greeted by friendly staff, waited in comfortable massaging recliner.

I lived for only 2 months in Columbia, but by week 6, I was desperate for a cut and some attention paid to my overgrown mop. I searched through several.

When I finally summoned the courage to get a tattoo, two baristas recommended Freaks to me. Talk to Chris, they both said. And they didn't steer me wrong.

AMAZING!Like I mentioned in my review for the Saint Louis Galleria - Lush is the ONLY reason to visit this mall.It's the best thing to finally make.

Another cool spot to find bongs and glass pipes. Original stash boxes.They also do piercings on the top floor and have a wide selection on any type of ring.

I went here for years until I got to the point that I preferred to just keep my head shaved (much cooler in the summer and easier to deal with). Mike was.

I did ALOT of research. I am seriously SUPER psyched about how my tats turned out. The staff is knowledgeable, the place is spotless, and everyone is so.

I adore this place! If I could live here I would. Nearly any fragrance or cosmetic you could ever want plus loads of samples makes this.

The Darling Room is definitely the coolest salon in Kansas City! As a recent SF Bay Area transplant, it was a great relief to find a hair salon in KC.

The best gift I ever got here: a little mesh baggie filled with the IW soap scraps - I keep it in my delicates drawer and everything smells amazing. And the.

Yuzu, white tea, violet, honeysuckle and brownie.these are just a few of the countless essential oils Cassie's has on hand. You can mix and match to.

I love this place for getting holes put in your body. On the same day I had my ears and nose pierced. Billy was great, and he even changes rings and studs.

I would never trust anyone but Noah at Freak's to do work on me. He is the best! He did a cover up of another tattoo on me a few years back, and you can't.

Frederick's Beauty Etc is a very nice establishment with a lot of years behind them. I came in here to get some shampoo and conditioner, and may just start.

Back in the late 90s/early 00s Kaleidoscope employed a piercer named Ryan, one of the hottest men ever to grace the Earth. I paid to have holes put in my.

Know this place has been around for many years and it is easy to see why. My stylist, Kayla, is newer to the salon, but she is an absolute goddess of.

I would first like to point out that I live in South City and this is in Creve Couer so I have to drive HALF AN HOUR to get here. It is completely worth it.

A barber pole out front, hair all over the floor, and so much bull you have to wade through it. yes, typical barber shop! These guys have made me laugh,.

After moving to LA, been to many different types of salons, from western style salons to Asian, to even supposedly the top Korean salon worldwide.every.

If you're having trouble deciding between bangs and a bob, or cinnamon brown and strawberry blonde, this is the place to be. Located in Des Peres by West.

I've been going here to get my hair done for over a year and I love it. I've referred my husband, in-laws and tons of friends, so I would definitely feel.

I moved to KC a few years back, and I went through a LOT of stylists at quite a few different salons. I guess I'm just picky, but nobody was working out for.

The first thing I look for in a spiritual sort of place is the smell. Seriously. When I walk in I want to smell incense or sage or something. And I found it.

I have received the best massages ever from Pam Nickle at Springfield Massage Therapy Group. An hour massage is about $60, and worth every penny. By the end.

My better half found Lyle at Roca and she's been easy to get along with ever since. Thanks, Ruth L. on Yelp! The place is techno-industrial chic inside.

The Time Boutique is a really great place to purchase clothes that will look great on you and that will last and last. The owner - well, I think she's the.

My entire family (dad included) have been going here for years. My regular stylist is Perry, and I would give him my first born sometimes to get an.

Ever since I arrived to St. Louis three years ago, I have been looking for a hairdresser. Every hairdresser I ever went to was so uncreative with the hair.

I have had the most positive experience at Iron Age. I have 2 tattoos that were done there, one that was about 6 hrs and the other was about 1 hr. The staff.

YAY! i finally found someone who can cut asian hair really well! a while back, i had seen an asian girl with a cute haircut, so i asked her where she got.

I am not really the tanning type.but after months of studying and being locked indoors and my friend's wedding and therefore, a pending bridesmaid's dress.