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Can I just tell I must have called every tanning place in town.. Totally Yours had the best prices hands down.. The only down fall is they only have one booth~ sorry if your into beds your out of luck!!! Besides who wants to lay down on someone's elses sweat~ GROSS!!! anyway.. positive side

Haven't been in awhile, but they were always the cheapest around and fairly clean.

I finally found someone in NH who does eyebrow threading! I searched insanely to find someone around with a reasonable price. Shalini is wonderful, and I.

I got my first 3 tattoos here between the ages of 18 - 20.I chose this place because one of the artists, NICK FLANAGAN, was friends with and had tattooed a.

Once you get past Steve's (owner) hard outer shell this is a really great tattoo shop. The main tattoo artist Tim, is very accommodating besides his love.

I went there once because the price was right. The barber was friendly enough, and gave an okay cut, but sideburns were uneven, as I didn't notice until.

This is a fabulous nail salon! I have had such a difficult time finding a nail salon in this state. I have been getting acrylics on my nails for nearly.

I got my first tattoo here on New Year's Eve 1998 - a small chinese character (strength) on the back of my neck. It's held up pretty well for 9 years -.

Delivered both my children with these doctors (at CMC). The best around. Personable and caring. Also willing to help out with billing and insurance issues.

John Tilton is one of my closest friends as well as a talented stylist, he is also the owner of Troupe Studio. If you live in or are traveling through.

Its been over a year since I last visited, but the woman who cut my hair was so nice she deserves a nod. Unusual to see a woman barber but she is good.

Always very happy with their service and they make you feel right at home from the moment you enter the shop.

$14 + tip for a buzz. I don't get my hair cut often. It seems a little steep for the -5 min (max) that I spent in the chair (?). but the gent who cut.

Ever since I moved up to New Hampshire a couple years back, this is the place I go to get my hair trimmed, or to get nails done, or to get my rare.

I have been seeing Kathryn at Hair Excitement - Epping for almost a year. At the time of this review she is a level 4 stylist, when I started with her,.

Chitra's massages and facials are undeniably the best. I also tried many other salons and spas, before I discovered Chitra and no one compares to her. Treat.

Located on a small island across from lovely Portsmouth, NH, Wentworth by the Sea is an elegant destination to spoil yourself and be pampered. My wife and.

Alex McDonald gives the best massage in the Seacoast area (so far). He's completely professional and trustworthy for female clients and not intimidating to.

Looking for a haircut that is cheap, doesnt look bad, and a few crazy people behind the scissors then look no further. They are quick and friendly. It takes.

A great little independent hair salon. Several stylists work out of this salon. I've been seeing Heather for haircuts and color for a few years now.

I have gotten several piercings by Jen Morris and wouldn't go to anyone else. She takes the anxiety out of the process. She's very calm which projects on to.

Privately owned and operated, this salon offers all the personalized service a patron could ask for. The staff are courteous, professional and upbeat - you.

I got my nose pierced here in 1998. I've never taken out my nose ring, in 9 and a half years. Not once. When it was new, I cleaned around it, but never once.

Making Faces is a more personal Sephora, privately owned in quaint downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This company has been around for years before.

This may be the first Sephora review ever by a straight guy, but I've hit 200 reviews and frankly, I live in the burbs and I'm running out of restaurants.

Diane Paquet is the owner and has 5 other beauticians available. I am familiar with Brenda and Inez as well as Diane. Their clientele consists of the.

This place has been voted the best nail salon for like 7 years in a row or something like that. Its a family owned operation, the father and 2 sons do the.

I went to their Burlington MA office and was very pleased. I was able to afford twice as many procedures as I thought I could and the service was fabulous too.

I have been going to NSPJ's for two years after my eyebrow waxer at another salon quit the day of my appointment with no notice. I had never previously had.

Ignore the first poster.the review is for Portsmouth Piercing, not Hobo's. There will always be people that have not so great experience at excellent.

Excellent nail salon. They also do pedicures, waxes, etc. and they are very affordable and bend over backwards for their customers.I highly recommend them.

Ask for Jessica. She listens to what you want- then executes brilliantly. Jessica is a dynamite cutter and amazing with color. She's young, energetic,.

This owner-operated salon is a little known secret that offers hair and waxing services. I promise you, you will never get a better color. I have very.

I work a job with ridiculous hours (which I love) that really hinders the amount of time I have to get my nails done.I call VIP and ask when they close.

This is an excellent place to get a GOOD haircut. I haven't yet tried their coloring; but I will once I'm ready.I got a very bad :( haircut from another.

I used to enjoy getting my hair cut here. Of course I used to get exceptionally nice treatment because the owner is a friend of the family. But despite my.

I've been in Manchester just about a year and have finally found April.I went in, with my standard cut and asked her to spice it up for me for a wedding I.

I got my tragus (small piece of thick cartilage that projects immediately in front of the ear canal) pierced here. Jesus, it hurt. It was about 8 years ago.

I love the high powered bed. It's $25/session, but gets you very very tan. I bought a bronzer, which was $65, so needless to say I was broke after my visit.