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Gerhardt (owner of the salon) has been cutting my hair for years. Hand down on of the top salons anywhere. Cutting edge with alot of sophistication.

Crawford Studios is located in the office buildings behind Hotel Encanto. For those of you who are familiar with Tiffany's Greek Restaurant, it's in the.

Everything about this place is charming and amazing. One of the most mystical experiences of my life. For couples I would highly recommend the couples.

No pretense and all pleasure.This place is fabulous. I am inclined to give it 5 stars but the only thing that holds me back is that it only has one co-ed.

Albuquerque is the highest metropolitan city in the US. Yes, it is higher than the Mile High city of Denver. People think Denver is higher because.

My experience at Sha Bangs has been amazing. I am always treated with the best care and with full attention. It is refreshing for me to go to a place like.

This is one of the better places to work out in Santa Fe. It has a wide range of facilities that you won't find at the other local fitness clubs. Besides.

Located in a brand new little strip shopping center on Unser Blvd just north of Ladera. Next to the Sonic restaurant.This is a very nice, brand new nail.

The Healing Sanctuary really is a sanctuary, at least to me it is! For a donation of $5, you are welcome to test out their massage beds for 40 minutes.

Great spa in a beautiful desert location. My only trip to the spa was three years ago. It was my last year of law school and I decided to fly out to Santa.

Get your hair lopped off here, for guys and gals by hip folks in a hip little place.Check it out.

I was ecstatic to finally get my nose pierced today at The Tattoo Company!Nice, clean location. You walk in and see binders and posters of designs, fonts.

We Pricelined this hotel for Thanksgiving weekend after seeing rates reach over $200 on most properties. We were able to get a good deal on this property,.

Sephora is great for after you get paid and you want to splurge on a $30 blush and $17 lip gloss you don't really need (and later you get home and realize.

Yeah! Finally found my Sally. She's probably been here forever but I just noticed yesterday. I'm so glad that I don't have to commute to El Paso to see her.

Sweet spa at the Inn at Loretto. However, the Inn (as of March 2008) is undergoing renovations. Both my friend and I experienced sawing and banging noises.

Nice, trendy little place to get your hair lopped off and other services to make you more beautiful.They do good work.Close to downtown ABQ ( just to.

I come here for everything: office supplies, baby shoes, food, gifts, some cosmetics, accessories, etc.they have it all.My favorite money saver is.

I have to tell you- The Santa Fe Mobile Spa offers the greatest service. I called them up because I really needed some healing work and read from an ad of.

Excellent tattoo shop i got my first tattoo there. shop was very neat and clean excellent artists great environment. if you want a good tattoo and a great.

I'm super duper a fan of phat glass. phat glass is good for:unique, handmade glass giftsquality tobacco smoking accessoriestattooartlocal flavor of.

Wide variety of classes (all included in your rate). Saunas, tons of different machines. Cool music. Awesome people. Great location

I have been going here for three years and i have never been disappointed. the building itself is cool and the staff are really fun. if you go, ask for.

So deciding that I was in need of a tattoo, I yelped tattoo shops in San Jose and came across Humble Beginnings with it's consistently positive 4+ star.

So. we're driving across country and during the many hours spent staring at my toesies on the dashboard, I determine that a pedicure is LONG overdue. At.

I don't know what exactly made me choose Frank's Barbershop out of the Yellow Pages when I first moved to Albuquerque, but I've stuck with these guys for.

Armandos is a class act all the way! My main goal was to look and feel hot after walking out of this place. Well.mission accomplished.thanks to Kathy!.

Much like Lynn L (the previous reviewer), I travel a lot for business, I know what to expect from a hotel of this rate, and sadly. this hotel wasn't it.

Home to some of the most talented and accomplished artists around. Custom pieces are the norm here, no flash on the walls. The shop is also home to one of.

This is an Aveda salon. ( had my hair cut here once about 3 years ago by Carmona herself - or the owner anyway (whether her name was.

This is a bit belated as I was in New Mexico in July but I feel I must give this place a proper review.Rustic yet refined green property in glorious.

Valerie does a GREAT wax job! She is super sweet & will make the time go by quickly with her friendly conversation, putting you at ease even under the most.

This is the only grocery/convenience store (that's not part of a gas station) located on the Las Cruces outskirts heading toward the Organ Mountains. It's a.

I've been going to Inspire since they opened their doors. As a matter of fact Chris, the owner, has been my stylist since his part time days at Laru Ni.

Thanks for putting up with our indecisiveness! We must have been scratching our heads in the liquor department for 30 minutes. 4 people, 4 different tastes,.

They do hair pretty nice.Nice location close to Downtown ABQ.Check them out.

After getting kicked out of my normal Supercuts for, dare I say it - drinking a JAVA MONSTER, OMG! I vowed to never return during that particular.

I went to Andrea Joseph here. She rocks! She is young, but hair is this woman's passion, and it shows. She is good with cute styles and loves to.

I love me a good massage. The only problem is I have had terrible experiences with most professional masseuses mainly due to bad luck and probably a bad.

I'm not going to address what actually happens here, but let's just say I'd rather go here than elsewhere, if I have to go somewhere.Jackie is very.

WOW. Perfect for the hottest new looks or classic styles.You can get a look that is straight from a magazine. Master hairstylist with experience from all.

Evolution is. wunderbar. (I'm trying to mix it up with my positive adjectives, OK?) Their piercers are great, their jewelry selection is awesome, their.