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I am a faithful Ziva customer only because I will follow my stylist Kristoffer to the ends of the earth.well, maybe not quite that far, but as long as he.

This review is only about one of the hair stylists, Angela. While Angela is only there a limited amount of time, Tuesdays and Thursday, she is the best.

Best salon in Eugene, hands down. I have since moved to Boston and have gone to 2 of the best salons here, both of them have effed up my hair big time. This.

I went to Ritual after a BAD experience at another salon, and not only did the fix my hair, but they were really nice too.

Appearances is definitely not the place to go if you want a trim or something easily accomplished. Head on down to the Timberhill shopping center and hit.

By far the best experience I have EVER had with massage! Jill is amazing. If you don't believe me check out her testimonials at http://www.mwbyjill.com/.

Tina Dang who owns the store is a very friendly woman as is the rest of her staff. They are very attentive and are very delicate on the hands. The prices.

The actual website is salondujourdayspa.com we have not figured out why it left out the day spa on the address

Ask for David - he's a saint.He's been doing my nails now for two years,and I refuse to go to anyone else. He know's what I need and when I need it.I.

Definitely a fan. I had to go through several places around town till I found these guys, and now that I have I plan on staying put. The old place had a.

I stopped here one morning and walked right in and got a great hair cut. It is $11 for a haircut and the website is very thorough and funny to read.It is.

Since moving out to Wilsonville I have had a hard time finding someone who can cut my hair properly. Well, I won't have that problem anymore thanks to Rain.

All of the stylist are very freindly and there work is great

I had a decent hair cut from Curt, I need to give more direction next time because I didn't really get what I wanted. But, that's my own fault.The shop.

Great place to go! Had my hair and nails done! I thought it was expensive at first. but TOTALLY worth every penny!

I'm a huge fan of Chopperz. In addition to a great haircut, they offer a killer environment for a man to come and relax. Any man like myself who has often.

Infinity Tattoo has my heart. On July 05, 2008 I sat for eight hours getting a floral silhouette with a very talented individual named Tyler. I had done a.

I was in town for a wedding and needed a pedicure. this place is spacious and clean. the person who did my nails was professional, very skilled and.

Wearing fake nails is a new experience for me, but this place is a great place to go in Woodburn. It is clean and the people there are super nice.

This salon is located in Liberty Plaza, across the street from JC Penney's downtown. It's an Aveda salon, which I think generally means it's slightly better.

Mike is incredible.He'll lather you up and down with tanning oil if you ask, too.Not that I would know.

This is a decent salon, but given the choice, I think I still might drive up to Portland (when it comes to hair I can be embarrassingly high maintenance).

I can't say enough about Missy Wilson from Today's. She has worked miracles on my hair and is always good for a spiritual boost. The whole team down at.

Great place for a mani/pedi! Great spas chairs, and the place is very clean! In the Oakway Center, which is generally a really great place.The people who.

I love this quirky little place. My husband got me a g.c. for Mother's Day last year and I had a nice afternoon of a massage and facial. Edie gave me the.

Top Line Nails is. well. top of the line. =-) A nice, comfy, local shop is very welcoming thanks to Trina who is good at what she does and fun and.

This is by far the nicest salon in Albany! Very posh and upscale, they sell and use Pureology : ) which is one of my favorites next to the Aveda line, and.

I picked this place based on the other review, I always ended up going to a salon before and paying $30 for what amounted to a pretty simple men's haircut.

I'm old, cranky, and mostly unhip. Because of this, I didn't want to get tattooed in a place where I'd get eyerolls for not having a zillion piercings or.

This place is great, I definitely recommend Ryan- he perfectly handled both tattoos I got from him (pics) and he never rushed a consultation. For both.

I adore this place, and particularly Christine. Throughout my life I've had some.interesting, shall we say, cuts and colors. I like to get my hair cut by.

I worked somewhere close to 50 hours in 3 days. I went to yoga, and was too stiff to move. UGH! What to do?With very little spare time left in my day, I.

A.T. Nail is located inside of Salem Center, 1st floor, right next to Kohl's. I've know this nail salon, and so as the owner for more than 3 years. You.

If you're looking for a salon, this is a great opportunity to establish a new relationship. Blu7 is a spin-off of Rapunzel, which used to be in the space.

I took a small trip to Portland a few weeks ago and wanted to get something done by a great artist while I was there. Oddball was recommended by several.

Paul has been cutting hair in this same location for years and has done it with a smile. As this entire corner of Four Corners has changed with new.

I went and got my hairs cut by Leigha at the Moxie, and it was such a good experience I will definitely be back! This cute salon/cocktail bar is located on.

I am experiencing an adulterer's remorse. For the last three months I've been unemployed and have had to forgo any extraneous things (like haircuts). With.

There are almost nothing but good things to say about Japan Hair Design, which is run by superstar owner Harumi Tillman. She's been a stylist in Japan and.

Not to be a broken record, but this is the best wax I have ever had. I tend to be a bit of a baby about the whole waxing thing, (holding on to a towel with.

Extremely clean tanning bed area. They have traditional lie down, stand up as well as the spray on tan.Run great specials for students, as well as package.

I have to be careful not to go here on payday or I might have to eat at my moms for two weeks!They have every. single. thing. I need to become the juicy.

I went to this salon for a long time and was always pleased with the results. It's been awhile since I've been back and I'm not sure how much things have.

I have been enjoying manicure & pedicure services @ Oasis for approxiximately a year. The spa is extremely clean, the staff friendly & professional. When I.

I love Uncommon Scents.The store is hard to navigate, for me, and they don't stock everything they carry at the store. Go to the website. It makes it all.

Do Rad used to have hard liquor for clients. They have images of both dinosaurs and the Ramones on their bathroom wall. Becky worked with me to lift my hair.

America's Classic Barber shop. One of the last places still around for men. They still have Playboy's laying out and tell whatever joke is on there mind.

I made an appointment with Frenchi after reading the reviews here and also immediately after two different stylists in a row butchered my hair. It was the.

Hands down (no pun intended) this is one of the best massages I have ever had! Lisa was absolutely amazing, working the stresses from the last several.

Found Grace Salon on Yelp. Lauren was my recommended stylist. I have had variety of local hair cuts all have been good, no one failed miserably and thinning.