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It has been great to watch this little business grow. Michelle has created a sweet newly remodeled studio where a gal can go and relax.while getting.

My sister has said that this is the place to get your nails done. Janelle is with whom my sister went to and they come out beautiful!

I've gotta echo what the previous reviewer said. I just got my haircut by Pete and he did a great job - it was what a barber shop experience is supposed.

Patrick, you are a life saver. I feel like Jello thanks to you. :)After work 130+ hours in the last week and a half, and going over 30 days without a day.

Okay, so i went back and forth for awhile about whether or not i should let the cat out of the bag and share my newfound secret spot with the world. i also.

Let me start by saying that there is not enough room in this space for the rave reviews I have for my gal Barb.I have been stopped on streets and in.

Where else can you sit in a cool, warm, then hot jacuzzi with a friend, lay in a clasauna, and eat delicious korean food in your bathrobe? i went here a.

My sister and I have had great results with two stylists both for cuts, color and manicures. Wonderful down to earth real Vashon pepole who know their craft. They do not over charge either. We vote all 4 thumbs up!

I tanned here all throughout college and it was the best you could find in Cheney. Shelly is amazing, especially to her regulars! Reasonably priced.

This review is for the spa only.For starters, the lodge is situated perfectly for viewing and hiking the majestic falls and surrounding gorge. It's a.

Called on Friday and got an appointment for that Saturday, maybe it was just luck? I got an appointment with Eunice the next morning. She did a great.

After some gritty outdoor training at the nearby Air Force base, I drove to Porter's Barber Shop in a quest to restore my humanity. A good conversation, a.

LOVE IT. Seriously, I was blown away. Recently a girlfriend wanted to get a tattoo that she's been thinking about for a LONG time. She had talked with.

My first time to this salon was actually to the one in Cheney that they had just opened. I had been going to the salon prior to that one for years and when.

AWESOME! heather cut my hair for the first time since i moved here and i am a very happy girl. she listened to what i had to say, didn't push products on me.

I love Gretchen's. Mind that it was the closest place to get a decent haircut near Gonzaga while I was there. But I've always been happy with my haircuts at.

The best beauty supply store around. Jan's always have everything I need and things I didn't know I need. When ever my hair is not behaving for me I go to.

Why hasn't anyone yelped Tiger Tattoo yet? This seems really s-t-r-a-n-g-e. Anyway, I got my first three tattoos from Tiger. I don't remember the names.

Great Staff, great cuts and great color! The receptionist is friendly and professional and they really care about how you want your hair to look! I would.

Spa Ta Da!Okay, you feel pretty special just walking into the Davenport, BUT have you been to the spa in the basement? Oh la la!Ahh, paridise.

I've had three great stylists over the last decade and Joni from Capelli's would be my third. I can't speak for the other stylists, but I can only imagine.

I've gone to both Lisa and Isabella, and both my boyfriend and I go here. First off, Lisa is the only one who has given my boyfriend a good cut. She does.

I had heard good things about this franchise from my sister in Seattle. I needed a tan in a hurry and they're one of the only places (maybe the only) in.

I just got the best haircut ever! I also love how the staff is down to earth and friendly, not all fake like a lot of other places. I have been twice and.

I love this salon! The service is as good ass it gets. The whole layout of the place makes perfect sense. First your color specialist does your color.

I've had two tattoos done at Slave to the Needle, and my fiance has had the same. All of our work was done by Honest Jon, and we've been extremely happy.

I only wish the place I went to in my neighborhood was as thorough as this place. I was just visiting, and my girl was getting a spray tan at the place.

Megyn is not only super cute, smart, sweet AND cool, but she is a style genius. I get compliments on my hair almost every day since Megyn has been cutting.

This is a newly opened location of this massage chain. It's very clean, quiet, and comfortable. The owners are very friendly, maybe overly so. I enjoyed.

I've never had a more comfortable experience anywhere. I love a good facial, wax and massage like any girl, but most spas are so tacky and transactional.

How could I not love this place based on the name alone? I decided not to scare the southwest later this month and brighten up this pale skin of mine. I.

Coco is simply amazing. Her haircuts are thoughtful and thorough. The atmosphere is comfortable and fun. For the first time in my life I look forward to.

Thomas Wade is the best tattoo artist! I plan on going to him to get the rest of my tattoos. HE'S THE BEST! So talented and creative. The rest of the people.

This is one of the best salons I've been to in years. The cuts range from affordable to pricey, depending on the skill ranking system of the salon. Let me.

Euri has been doing my hair for ten years. She's always pleasant to talk to, she gives me the greatest color and cuts, and she gives great shampoos. She has.

Okay I am a difficult critic when it comes to my hair. I have spent tons of money on Gary Manuel Salon, Phase 3, and Gene Juarez. After a while I feel like.

I only get my nails done maybe once or twice a year as a treat. I came here on a Monday morning to get a manicure and was immediately serviced. The woman.

Skipping the known superiority of Sugaring to all other hair removal techniques (well documented in other reviews) I will keep my comments to the quality of.

I've been getting my brows sugared here for months, and Laura has proved to be nothing short of amazing every time I've been in. She's totally patient with.

It is with tempered enthusiasm that I thank Todd for my stylish new haircut. I'd also like to extend that gratitude to the several Yelpers who recommended.

Today was my first visit to Head to Toe for a massage with Jenifer. I live in West Seattle and had driven by their location many times and finally decided.

I've spent many an hour in the tattoo chair, usually under a heavy hand and yes, even the prison style tattoo gun. I went to Christy at ArtCore and sat.

Ummm.no brainer. This place is amazing. The staff is super friendly and attentive, and the massage therapist I have seen (Mollie) is incredible. She.

Wonderful place. Owner lovely person and the decor is gorgeous. Very aesthetic experience every time I go.

Frankie and her staff are unbelievable. The music rocks, the haircuts better and the energy in there is great! I love supporting local business owners and.

Bliss is adorable, and it saved my ass when I was without a birthday present for a friend. On those merits alone, it deserves 5 stars. But wait, there's.

Dez is THE ONE to see at Forsythe.[But perhaps I'm biased. I mean, Dez and I go waaaaaaaaaaay back. I'm talking elementary school days at St. Bernadette.

Tart is evil genius. Enter with caution.Because when you have Elizabeth cut your hair you will be provided with a fabulous style, but will also be spoiled.

Anna Carver is the best hair stylist - EVER! She is so right on every single time with the highest quality of haircuts. I'm very loyal to great stylists.

I've only been to one other parlor, but this is definitely the only one I want to go back to. Their work is great! The place is super clean and well lit.